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March 23, 2018

Limassol Travel Guide

Limassol is the co-capital of Cyprus, located in the south part of the island. The second largest city of Cyprus, after Nicosia, has become very popular during the past few years. Its location, near the sea and close to the mountains, its magnificent sidewalk by the sea, that runs along the city’s waterfront, its revamped old town, its newly built impressive Marina, its magnificent restaurants and lovely bars, all these make Limassol a lovely destination to spend your summer days.

This bustling city attracts a wide array of people. From singles under 25 who come to party at Limassol’s many bars and beach bars, couples who want to experience the luxury of the city’s gourmet restaurants and five star hotels, to families who enjoy the long stretch of beaches, the many things to visit and see and the various activities that take place around the city.

Akti Olympion Beach

Places to Visit

Limassol is a city rich in history and culture. Start your tour, by visiting the beautiful Medieval Castle, near the old port. According to tradition, Limassol Castle is there where King Richard the Lionheart married Berangaria of Navarre. Right behind the castle, there is a big building, where there used to be a carob mill. Nowadays, inside it there is the restored machine used to process the carobs, while, right next to it there is the Lanitis Art Centre. Nearby, you will see the Pier. Around this area and along the sidewalk there is a beautiful Sculpture Park, with works of art by local and foreign artists. Right next to the pier there is the Limassol Marina, a stunning urban project, with many cafes, restaurants and shops.

On the eastern part of the city, at the end of the sidewalk, you can visit the ruins of the ancient city of Amathus as well as the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite. In the outskirts of the city, you should most definitely visit the beautiful ancient Kourion amphitheatre, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, where a lot of concerts, ancient drama performances still take place. Nearby, you can also visit the Temple of Apollo. A few miles away, there is the Medieval Castle of Kolossi, an amazing castle built in 1210. If you are a wine lover, you should definitely check out the Wine Museum in Erimi Village, where among others, there is an excellent collection of commandaria brands, the famous local sweet wine.

Limassol Marina

Things to do

As Limassol is an important urban centre of Cyprus, there are a lot of festivities and events taking place quite often. At the beginning of September there is the famous Wine Festival and in February its spectacular carnival parade, to name just a few. If you come here during the summer, you will spend your days at the beach, inside and outside the city, lounging or doing all sorts of watersports. If you would like to get to know Limassol better, just walk around the beautiful old city and visit some of its many museums such as the Archaeological museum with important antiquities from the Roman and the Neolithic Ages, Cyprus Medieval Museum inside the Castle, the Pierides Museum etc.

It is also worth visiting the famous Wine Villages, about an hour’s drive from the city centre. Cyprus is an important wine producing country, and many of its very good wineries are located in those Wine Villages. Most of the wineries are open to the public (call in advance, Sundays closed). Do note that the Commandaria region, where this great sweet wine is produced is also in the Limassol district and it consists of 14 villages. You can also visit some of Limassol’s mountain picturesque villages such as the beautiful Lofou, Anogyra, Vassa (there is a zivania – local spirit – museum there), Omodos and of course, lovely Platres.

Catamaran Mediterraneo

Limassol Beaches

In Limassol, the colour of the sea is dark blue, the waters are quite shallow and the sand is dark-coloured. In front of the city, there is a large waterfront, starting from the pier and ending in the Amathus area. You can swim, sunbathe, go sailing or do some other water sports there. Loures and Vouppa, Akti Olympion, CTO beach hidden behind a small forest of eucalyptus trees, Miami and Castella are some of those beaches. There are full amenities in all of them, from watersports to showers and toilets. On the other hand, you can just spend your beach days enjoying your drinks and snack in the city’s many splendid beach bars, cafes by the sea or have lunch at one of the restaurants only a few metres away from the sea.

If you want to get away from the city centre, there are quite a few beaches that we recommend. Lady’s Mile, is a stretch of long beach. The waters are shallow, kids can build castles in the sand and there are also some beach bars and restaurants there. Kourion beach, below the Kourion ancient amphitheatre, is located in a beautiful setting. This beach is ideal for watersport activities such as paragliding, kite-surfing, wakeboarding etc. A bit further away, there is the Pissouri village. The beach there is set between hills in lovely scenery. On the other side of Limassol, on the way to Nicosia or Larnaca, you can visit Governor’s beach, ideal for children and good for fishing and snorkelling and also Agios Georgios Alamanou beach, a small bay surrounded by imposing white rocks.

Dasoudi (Small Forest) Beach

Food & Drink

Limassol is without a doubt, the capital of gastronomy in the island. There are so many excellent options for dining that you will be spoilt for choice. If you want to experience gourmet dining, there are quite a few superb restaurants, in the city centre the Limassol Marina and also inside five star hotels, serving Chinese cuisine, Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, fish and seafood, fusion Mediterranean, steakhouses, tapas, Greek and of course Cypriot cuisine and so many more.

On the other hand, there are also many, on the more budget side, options. A few gastropubs, the restaurants both around the Medieval Castle and in the old city, some known chain restaurants in the Limassol Marina as well as lovely bistros and cute restaurants, delicatessens, lunch and brunch spots. Furthermore many of the bars, wine bars and beach bars serve very good food. Along the coastal line and inside the city, the fish restaurants are a must visit, when you are in Limassol. Finally, you should also taste the food in the traditional taverns and kebab houses, both in and a bit outside the city. Limassolians are proud of their restaurants and they have every right to!

Dionysus Mansion

Bars & Clubs

Limassol is a fun city. There are many options to choose from if you want a glass of wine, a fancy cocktail or even dance the night away. One of the most popular spots in the city, in the past few years, has been the Saripolou Square in the old city centre. Packed with bars, serving drinks and nibbles, is a good spot if you want to do island hopping. If you want to spend your nights in the old city, in almost every corner or street or even square e.g. the Heroes’ Square there is lovely bar, whether it is a mainstream one, a cocktail one, a drinking hole etc.

Along Makariou III street, the central commercial street, there are quite few fancy bars and cafes staying until late. If you want to party near the sea, along the frontal waterside, there tens of bars, pubs and clubs especially in the more touristy Germasogia area. During the summer, some of the best places to party in Limassol are the beach bars where you can party and enjoy your drinks until late. And if you want to really see how the locals enjoy their night, why don’t you visit some of the fancy bars and clubs playing almost exclusively Greek music? You might like it!

Guaba Beach Bar
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